Taiwan, Bioenvironmental System Engineering

My career perspectives and  personal ambitions: Beyond the research opportunities, there are several traits of CDE that appeal to me. Firstly, it features a well-organized structure. The program offers sufficient training to develop complex image analysis competencies both conceptual and methodological. I will cultivate the ability to deploy an appropriate solution for analytic problems. Meanwhile, the integrated electives provide high flexibility to tailor a personal study plan. It puts forward both the opportunity to work in a professional environment and to establish research competency specifically for my research interests. Your program appears to provide a vigorous network with members who are eager to make an impact and devote themselves to our environment. Having previously studied in an institution with a high academic reputation and vibrant campus, I believe that the strong motivation of all members is a crucial factor in forming an active and influential community. 

University of South Brittany, GeoDSc specialization track, intake 1.