Philippines, Applied Physics

My career perspectives and  personal ambitions: Particularly, I am interested in Copernicus system’s Sentinel-2 mission for data on soil and water cover, inland waterways and coastal areas.
As my country sits perfectly at the center of the center of biodiversity in the planet, it is highly vulnerable to climate change, and while all factors around the world affect the Philippines’ climate change situation, my country has also many issues of pollution to resolve such as that of solid waste pollution.
In my proposed topic, I would like to develop a tool or an approach through Sentinel-2’s data to derive biogeochemical properties such as chemical content and total suspended solids which acts as a marker for wastewater. Together with data analytics to extract and correlate this feature to track waste and other pollutants in a specific water system, we might be able to provide and track wastewater such as human waste, agricultural waste, chemical and other pollutants that go to waterways and eventually, to the bigger bodies of water.

University of South Brittany, GeoDSc specialization track, intake 1.