Pakistan, Geoinformatics Engineering

My career perspectives and  personal ambitions: I am currently doing a remote job as a Data Analyst for a US firm. While I did have the core competencies in Geospatial field, through my education, I was looking forward to get an introduction into the world of Data Science so I could combine the concepts to dig more into spatial data manipulation. In GeoDataScience Track for Digital Earth I am especially enthusiastic about undertaking the AI, Big Data and Computer Vision Courses. I am cognizant of the skill gap between developing countries such as mine and the more developed ones especially in the field of spatial sciences. While higher education of women is not a major trend from where I belong I always admire and aspire from people pursuing this path and aim to advance myself to Post Doctorate level eventually. This opportunity not only captures my interests deeply but it would also make me capable enough to bridge those skill gaps, pursue meaningful research work and be a stepping stone for my future education and career.

University of South Brittany, GeoDSc specialization track, intake 1.