Ghana, Spatial / Urban Planning

My career perspectives and  personal ambitions: The program will abreast me with the skills in geoinformatics as a research method to study complex urban environmental issues, geospatial science methods and to comprehend the dynamic interaction between human and environment. The unique models in methods in Geoinformatics, Principles of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis and Modelling combined with internships and E-portfolio will advance my theoretical and technical capabilities as well as methodological competence in data acquisition, refinement and visualization. I will be exposed to the scientific knowledge and approaches to harnessing earth observation, geoinformatics and geo-visualization to addressing environmental challenges such as climate change with resulting loss of fertile land for production, flooding and drought. With 40% of Ghana’s populace living below the upper poverty line requiring access to environmental resources for their survival, I am highly motivated to use my skill in bridging this gap. 

Palacky University Olomouc, GeoVIS specialization track, intake 1.