Who is a Self-Funded Student?

All students not receiving an Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship within the CDE programme are considered as self-funded. This includes everyone either funding their own studies (self-payment through savings or work), getting financial assistance from family or friends, beneficiaries of scholarships other than E+ EMJMD, taking out a student loan, employer sponsorship, etc.

Self-funded (self-payment)

Admitted self-funded students have to pay the programme’s participation costs according to their nationality as outlined in EM CDE participation costs. Learn more on estimated monthly costs at each university in the Student Life section.

Participation costs payment and university admission (after successful selection)

COMPLETE the PLUS Application for Admission Master-Programme and upload it to ‘mobility online’, SEND a notification to msc-cde@sbg.ac.at, however do not send any documents with a postal service.

Please follow the guidelines in the student agreement.

COMPLETE the online PRE- REGISTRATION (starts at the beginning of July) following this link. Click on ‘First time registration’, register and stop this procedure when being asked to select an appointment date – by clicking on ‘Cancel’. Check also the Tutorial online pre-registration process and additional information on the PLUS website.

SEND a notification to msc-cde@sbg.ac.at, student admission will be finalized upon your arrival in Salzburg.

latest update: March 24, 2020