Application Tip: consider whether your profile fits into all requirements before you apply.

The CDE Master of Science Programme shall be open to any student fulfilling specific academic requirements as well as additional criteria for selection. For Erasmus+ scholarship applicants additional Erasmus+ scholarship eligibility rules apply as set by EACEA. The Selection Committee ranks applications according to five categories: Outstanding, Highly competent, Competent, Not yet competent, and Not achieved.  Admission to the programme will [...]

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Application Tip: check list for required application documents!

Your are interested in submitting an application for admission? It is thus very important that you make yourself aware of required information!  Read carefully information on Online Application Form contents & required Attachments! Please note: Only applicants who will submit all required information/documents will be eligible for consideration!

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Application Tip: CDE Joint Master FAQ

You are interested, and you ask yourself a lot of questions? The Master of Science study programme will start in September/October 2019, a first call for applications shall be open soon. Please be sure to check our FAQ section and detailed information on the website.

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CDE MSc Programme – who can participate?

The CDE MSc Programme shall be open to any student fulfilling specific academic requirements. For Erasmus+ scholarship applicants additional Erasmus+ scholarship eligibility rules apply as set by EACEA. Participation in the CDE Programme is possible either as: (1) Erasmus+ EMJMD Scholarship for Erasmus+ Partner Countries, (2) Erasmus+ EMJMD Scholarship for Programme Countries, or (3) without an Erasmus Mundus [...]

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Copernicus Master in Digital Earth approved

July 2018, marks the official approval as EU funded Erasmus+ - Key Action 1 - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) project for the Copernicus Master in Digital Earth (CDE). We are looking forward to welcoming the first students in the academic year 2019/2020. CDE Higher Education Partners: University of Salzburg, University Bretagne-Sud, Palacky University Olomouc. CDE Associated Partners: Centre [...]

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